Ammonium Hydroxide

Ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH), also called aqueous ammonia, ammonia solution, ammonia water, is a solution of ammonia gas in water. It is a colourless liquid with a characteristic pungent smell of ammonia. Saturated NH4OH solutions contain ammonia up to 35% by weight, which typically industrial used range from 20% – 27% concentration.

Ammonium hydroxide is generally used as an ingredient for household cleaning agents, pharmaceutical, rubber and latex, lower NOx emissions (DeNOx) in power plants, refinery & petrochemicals plants, ethanol plants, etc.

Ammonium Hydroxide or NH4OH used for lower NOx application in power plant, refinery and petrochemical plants, cement plants ; แอมโมเนียม ไฮดรอกไซด์ ใช้ในกระบวนการกำจัดก๊าซไนโตรเจนออกไซด์ (DeNOx) ในโรงไฟฟ้า
Ammonium hydroxide for DeNOx process in Power plants

Thai Engineering Gas is available supply Ammonium hydroxide with various concentration range from less than 10% up to 28% in several package size such as gallons, drums, IBCs, and bulk truck delivery to customer’s storage tank.

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