R290 (also known as propane) is a natural refrigerant that is widely used in various industries. It is a hydrocarbon refrigerant with high purity. R290 is an efficient refrigerant that has a low global warming potential (GWP). It is also non-ozone depleting, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option than some other refrigerants.


R290 is typically use as refrigerant in smaller, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It can also be used in some larger systems, but it is not as common in these applications. It is a flammable refrigerant, so it is important to take safety precautions when using it.

  • Commercial refrigeration: It is commonly use as refrigerant in commercial refrigerators, freezers, and cold storage units.
  • Air conditioning: It can be use in air conditioning systems, both residential and commercial.
  • Vending machines: It is a good option for vending machines.
  • Chillers: It can be use in chillers to cool water or other fluids.
  • Heat pumps: It can be use in heat pumps to transfer heat from one place to another.
  • Mobile air conditioning units: It is a good option for mobile air conditioning units .
Commercial and household refrigerator and freezer
Use as refrigerant in commercial refrigerator and freezer

R290 Properties

R290 is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive. R290 is flammable, so it is important to take safety precautions when using it.

  • Chemical formula: C₃H₈
  • Boiling point: -42.1 °C
  • Density: 0.505 g/cm³
  • Ozone depletion potential (ODP): 0
  • Global warming potential (GWP): 3
  • Flammability limits: 2.2% – 9.5%
  • Toxicity: non-toxic
  • Corrosiveness: non-corrosive

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น้ำยาแอร์ R290 และ R600a ขนาดบรรจุ 45 kg และ 50 kg
R290 in cylinder size 45 kg

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