SUPER CLEAN - Air Condition Cleaner

SUPER CLEAN, a quality brand of Thai Engineering Gas (TEG), is treating and cleaning chemicals for HVAC industry, refrigeration system, air condition both AHU and FCU system, cooling tower, chiller, automotive air con. The products are corrosive prevention, descale and anti-rust, biocide bacteria in water system, remove dust in coil, blower, tube, filter, etc.

  • Reduce clogging of fin coil, results to improve efficiency and energy saving.
  • No composition of Sodium Hydroxide, non-corrosive for long-life equipment.
  • Reduce dust allergy and musty smell from dust, fungus and bacteria in air condition.
  • Safety, not irritate skin, no residue, environmental friendly.

There are several type of product categories including :

  • SUPER CLEAN SC-1100 : Descale chemical and anti-rust for Cooling Tower
  • SUPER CLEAN SC-1200 : Descale chemical and anti-rust for Chiller
  • SUPER CLEAN SC-2100 : Biocide chemical for Cooling Tower
  • SUPER CLEAN SC-2200 : Biocide chemical for Chiller
  • SUPER CLEAN SC-5100 : Air condition drain cleaner
  • SUPER CLEAN SC-8100 : Air condition coil cleaner
  • SUPER CLEAN SC- 4 in 1 : Air condition cleaning 4 in 1

Thai Engineering Gas (TEG) is available supply in several package size range from gallons, bottles, drums as per customer’s requirements.

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