Ammonia Storage Tank for Rent

Ammonia Storage Tank for Rent, The company provide rental service for both short-term and long-term, in order to discharge and store Anhydrous Ammonia during maintenance period of ammonia refrigeration system or ammonia supply system or hazardous waste management

Ammonia Storage Tank for Rent is a solution for engineer, safety officer, installer, technician who is in charge of preventive and corrective maintenance of ammonia refrigeration system, gas supply piping system in the industries such as Power plant, Petrochemical industry, Biotechnology industry, Pharmaceutical factory, Food and Beverage factory, Heat treatment or Metal treatment factory, etc.

Advantages :

  • To ensure safety when working with ammonia, as well as increase efficiency, working conveniently , worry-free of residual ammonia in the system, reduce risk, reduce labor cost, and reduce working time.
  • Avoid to release ammonia gas into the air, no pungent odor and toxic which can cause severe impact to respiratory system and health of to working people and nearby community.
  • Cost reduction from new ammonia charging into the refrigeration system because can bring existing ammonia back to use in the system.
  • Cost reduction from hazardous waste elimination because can bring existing ammonia back to use in the system, reduce unnecessary expense of hazardous waste management which is high expense.

Thai Engineering Gas Co., Ltd. (or TEG) provide rental service of Ammonia storage tank, Chemical storage tank, Pressurize tank for both short-term and long-term to fulfill customer requirements in various industries.

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